Recent national research confirms that the needs and demands of the 21st century financial consumer have dramatically changed. Think you’re up on the trends? These findings will surprise and enlighten you. Discover what today’s financial consumers really want and key things you can do to deliver it to capture more wallet share without emptying your wallet. Avoid extinction by gaining strategic ideas that will help you to stay current or ahead of your competitors while maximizing each member relationship. A growth strategy expert with 27 years experience in management, marketing, and volunteer development, Jeanne reveals concrete ways to gain more business from your members.

How have the greatest companies in America endured throughout decades of fierce competition and continuous change? All of them share the same fundamental strategy. Learn what the masters do to gain greater focus, generate more powerful long-term results, and build deeper relationships with their customers— essentially leaving their competitors in the dust! See how to apply their secrets in your credit union to help you achieve and maintain the edge in your community. A strategic planner and former CU board member with 25 years of experience, Jeanne shares insights on how to inspire and unify your entire team through strategic planning processes that deliver greater results.

How can you WOW your members so that they never even consider doing business elsewhere? How do you create a funnel of potential members who can’t wait to do business with your CU? How can you double your current business without introducing any new products, purchasing advanced technology, or gaining new members? Discover the internal power and resources you have for accomplishing all of this during this program on energizing volunteer, staff and member relations. The author of CUNA’s STAR module on Member Relations and a management consultant with 27 years of experience, Jeanne’s stories touch people’s hearts and minds while offering meaty strategies for growth.

You already have the most powerful tool anyone could desire to create the life or business you yearn for. It’s the power of choice. Uncover your true desires; learn what’s holding you back; and gain the tools and courage to take steps which move you forward—while making a transformational difference in the world around you. Learn to stretch yourself while enhancing your decision-making skills, personal accountability, and ability to take risks. As a growth strategist for organizations and individuals, Jeanne shares the successful secrets for creating the life you want while making a positive difference in the lives of other people.

Today’s tight economic environment requires CUs to gain optimal performance from each employee while developing them into leaders who can help sustain competitive advantage. Doing this requires you to move beyond outdated management practices into a process that engages employees, empowering and motivating them to higher levels of achievement and performance. Gain practical skills for aligning employees’ attitudes and work efforts with your strategic direction through effective goals setting, coaching, meetings management and forward-looking performance planning and evaluation. An organizational consultant and trainer, Jeanne engages participants in developing confidence and competence to achieve their organization’s goals.

Why merely survive when you can thrive—enjoying sustained growth and satisfying relationships in a competitive marketplace! This program explores ways to turn CU philosophy into an energizer that awakens passion among management, volunteers, staff and members alike. Take away implementable ideas for incorporating a proven 7-point business model into everyday business practices and long-term strategies, using service to members to drive growth, and engaging cooperative principles to heighten volunteer director involvement. A growth strategist and management consultant with over 20 years of CU experience, Jeanne shares resourceful ways for CUs to excel amidst intense competition.

Do your employees LOVE to “sell”? Are existing members regularly referring family and friends to your CU? Are key members at risk of being lured away by the competition? How many are already there? Are slim margins making it more difficult to compete on price while competitors are multiplying in your community? Having a sustainable service and sales culture in place is no longer an option—but a reality for business survival! From this program, you’ll learn about the six essential elements required in setting up—or reving up—a sustainable culture. Take service to a new level, delivering immediate payback, heightened member satisfaction and increased staff motivation. Having successfully developed her first credit union service and sales culture 22 years ago, Jeanne shares proven methods for creating sustainable, long-term results in your organizational culture.

Want to keep your top performers? Move average managers and employees to higher performance levels? Build teamwork throughout the organization? Increase your own motivation? Help your CU succeed in achieving its goals? Learn to use four coaching steps that have the power to transform the performance of any organization, the three most important times to coach, key ways to motivate (and de-motivate behavior), and the three most powerful tools you can use to achieve your goals. An organizational consultant, trainer and former CU board member, Jeanne boils 27 years of experience into a program that is easy and beneficial to implement, whether you’re a volunteer or manager.

How do you increase the price on a commodity product ten-fold? Would you enjoy being the envy of your competitors by creating a competitive field of one that they can’t touch? What’s the REAL story behind branding and how it could make a significant difference in your credit union? Explore the four ways available to own a strategic market position, command better prices, add significant competitive value to your CU’s service offerings, and ensure that employees consistently communicate your differential to members during every encounter. A growth strategist with 27 years of sales and marketing expertise, Jeanne presents proven strategies for capturing market share.

Missing key growth opportunities? Spending more time or money than your CU needs to on marketing? During this fast-paced program, find out how to use the 6 key techniques of the P.E.P.P.E.R. formula to balance your marketing program and improve results. Learn how to evaluate the profitability of marketing efforts, use trending strategies to spot key growth opportunities, and align marketing strategies with the CU’s strategic and annual goals to achieve success! A former CU marketing executive and faculty member for CUES and CUNA national schools, Jeanne delivers common sense information that takes the mystery out of marketing.

When you’ve got superior training and great incentives in place, what stops your employees from providing member service through selling? Discover key “roadblock busters” to clear the path for increased selling in your CU, including gaining staff buy-in, staff recruiting and placement, aligning job descriptions and duties to fit the new culture, developing effective performance appraisal processes, and creating a compensation program which retains high performers while encouraging other staff to continually improve. As an organizational performance consultant with 25 years experience in sales management, Jeanne shares the key concepts required in this essential building block for a sustainable sales & service culture.

If you’ve ever been with an organization where the strategic plan gathers dust on a shelf all year, then this program is for you! Find out how to develop a brilliant growth-oriented plan that is lived out every day by every person in your CU. Discover why many plans fail and how to prevent that with yours, an easy no-fail way to prioritize options while you’re planning and during implementation, three key steps to take after the plan is created to ensure activation and accountability throughout the CU, the one key benchmark for testing all possible goals, strategies and action steps, and four essential things every successful plan includes. A strategic planner and former CU Board member, Jeanne shares practical ideas for getting long-lasting growth-oriented results from your planning process.

Whether we’re presenting ideas, coaching employees, or pitching a new program, we’re all “selling” something. Successful communications guarantee results. Discover the seven strategies used by the world’s best relationship builders. Learn the thought process all people go through and how to align the ways you communicate with others in order to make things happen while building long-term relationships. (This program can also be geared exclusively to a sales-related theme.) A marketing and communications executive for 25 years, Jeanne shares revealing insights for communicating better.

Industry research links Board behaviors with organizational performance. Would your Board get high marks or is there room for growth? Take this quick assessment to find out. Gain tips for working better as a team, using proactive performance management processes to motivate and guide your CEO, increasing participation during planning sessions, clarifying roles and expectations to avoid micro-management and apathy, and reviewing data that reveals the true health of your CU. A former Board member with 27 years of non-profit organizational experience, Jeanne presents valuable tips for enhancing Board effectiveness and satisfaction.

It’s no secret that various life events trigger changes in consumer’s needs. Yet many CU employees haven’t personally experienced the most frequent of these trigger events and therefore miss crucial opportunities to help members. Worse yet, staff’s lack of life experiences often prevents them from mentioning the benefits most meaningful to people in a particular life stage, resulting in time spent but no sale. Learn how to apply a pioneering new approach to staff development which marries key consumer life stages with classic selling fundamentals. The results have been swift and dramatic in CUs around the country! A sales and marketing executive with over 25 years of experience, Jeanne shares how leading credit unions are supporting employees in delivering exceptional member service.

How much money are you allocating to your marketing function? More importantly, are you getting results from the member-money you spend? Find out how to evaluate the true effectiveness of your CU’s marketing promotions during this fast-paced program. See how a concise, one-page report can tell you everything you need to know—including the net profit your promotion delivered to your CU’s bottom line and how many dollars of profit you earned for every dollar spent. Quickly discover which promotions are worth repeating, and which aren’t! Never again will you need to accept a bunch of words when the numbers speak for themselves. A former CU marketing director with 20+ years of CU experience, Jeanne provides valuable information for enhancing marketing effectiveness.

A funny thing happened on the way to the credit union. Your member detoured to their bank! The million-dollar question is WHY? What does it take to capture more of each member’s business? Where else are they doing their financial business and why? How can you prevent them from defecting from your credit union? Discover the three leading research methods that customer-centric companies use to answer these questions and more in order to cultivate lasting beneficial relationships. Learn how you too can successfully implement them in your credit union. A research and marketing expert with an extensive credit union background, Jeanne shares strategies for gaining and retaining more member business.