In today’s turbulent business ethics environment, never before has it been more important that your Board of Directors clearly understands and carries out its governance roles and responsibilities. In fact, the future of your organization may depend on it. This modular program provides both your seasoned and new leaders with a thorough grounding in the following important areas of governance: Strategic decision-making and monitoring progress, policy & legal governance, and financial governance. Sign your leadership team up for one or all of the modules, which can be presented on-site at your location as part of your Board Meeting or quarterly educational session, or at our facilities in MN. For more information, contact Jeanne.


Leadership starts at the top. As Chairman of your board, committee or special project, how effective are your leadership skills? Are you maintaining the strategic focus of your organization? Developing your CEO or Executive Director? Running effective meetings that produce forward-moving results? Continuously recruiting and renewing fellow board and committee members? Ensuring that funds are spent wisely and that policies are consistently followed? Building the bridge between management, the board and your community? Consistently on track with achieving your organization’s goals and vision? Develop or brush up your skills in these vital areas by attending this specialized leadership program which is taught periodically at our facilities in MN, or upon request through your statewide association, local chapter or chamber of commerce. Call today for more details.