Pioneering a movement that has now spread across credit unions large and small, Jeanne Murphy Hamlin shaped her first credit union sales and service culture in 1982. Since the, she has continued to consult with credit unions nation-wide regarding best practices in implementing and enhancing their member-centric cultures.

Early on, Jeanne recognized that sales skills training and incentives were not enough to sustain the desired behaviors within the organization. They were merely a quick fix whose appeal quickly faded in the reality of day-to-day work pressures. For a sustainable change from an operational environment to a member-centric culture to occur, a more systematic approach is needed.

No longer is it enough to be simply “customer-driven” with friendly, helpful member-contact employees. It requires the entire organization to look at the way they do business—both with members and with each other—making modifications which support helping the member to improve their financial situation and achieve their goals. Significantly, your competitors are recognizing this and actively taking steps to realign the culture and focus of their organization, along with the employees who staff it. Is your credit union keeping up or are they saving you a place in “dinosaur heaven?”

When you engage Strategic Solutions to assist your credit union with initiating or enhancing your sales & service culture, you gain nearly 30 years of field-tested experience. Experience that has led us to developing a six-phase approach to creating sustainable, successful member-centered cultures in organizations just like yours.

Our approach is simple. It’s a process, rather than a one-time event. It takes time to truly transition an organization from one way of working and operating together to a new way that takes hold and is readily accepted by employees. It takes a systematic approach so as not to disrupt business flow and staffing. Our systematic process for launching or enhancing a sustainable sales culture involves six components which are implemented over a period of 18 to 24 months. A process that is grounded in the philosophical service principals on which not-for-profit credit unions were founded and have grown for over 165 years.


Gain staff, board and management support for the changes being made


Align people’s actions and attitudes with desired organizational goals and strategic direction


Motivate staff to provide extraordinary service which not only helps you create or sustain your competitive advantage, but is in the member’s best interest, as well


Create a self-perpetuating process of continuous improvement so that the competition can’t catch up


Work with a trusted, industry leader who has nearly 30 years experience at guiding organizations with gaining and retaining more business from their customers

Isn’t it time you gained and held a greater share of your members’ business—and helped them succeed financially in the process of doing so? To further discuss your needs for a sustainable sales and service culture, please contact us today.