Recent national research confirms that the needs and demands of the 21st century financial consumer have dramatically changed. Think you’re up on the trends? These findings will surprise and enlighten you. Discover what today’s financial consumers really want and key things you can do to deliver it to capture more wallet share without emptying your wallet. Avoid extinction by gaining strategic ideas that will help you to stay current or ahead of your competitors while maximizing each member relationship. A growth strategy expert with 27 years experience in management, marketing, and volunteer development, Jeanne reveals concrete ways to gain more business from your members.

“You were the highest rated speaker of our event! Good job. We’ll definitely do this again!” —Trish Patterson, Education Director, Tennessee CU League
“Very, very impressed with presentation and presenter” —Annual Convention participant, Illinois CU League
“The best speaker you have had in the six years I’ve been coming to this conference.” —Elected Leaders Conference participant, Tennessee CU League
    “Jeanne is dynamite! High energy and personable. Her information was very relevant to today’s market.” —Leadership Conference participant, Oklahoma CU League
    “WOW! Jennifer came back and told me that your presentations were awesome! We truly appreciated your time and enthusiastic presentation. The comments were quite positive. Our participants seemed very pleased with the information that you provided, along with the practical advice on how to apply it to their situation.” —Jill Weber, Education & Training Director, Wisconsin CU League
    I know how hard it is to keep the ideas moving forward, but I thought you were exceptional in this area. You are very engaging, which is what it takes in that type of meeting to be successful. This is my first thank you note to a presenter, and I have been to many meetings. I just wanted you to know how well I liked you and your ideas.” —Eldon Overstreet, Board Member, Tinker FCU
    “Good, practical, relevant information presented in a high-energy fashion. Excellent.” —Leadership Conference participant, Oklahoma CU League