Want to identify and prioritize your best opportunities for growth?


Looking to understand where your organization’s capacity needs to be enhanced to pave the way for future growth?


Want to initiate programs that rapidly gain consumer acceptance?


Desire to experience growth in a more controlled, purposeful manner?

Strategic Solutions can provide you with answers to these business-boosting questions by conducting a Growth Opportunities Assessment for your organization. Using our proprietary TrendsTrak™ software and various other assessment tools, we can clearly and objectively assess your current situation in a variety of organizational areas, including:

Financial performance & management

Visioning & planning

Growth performance of programs and services


Board of Directors


Staff, management and organizational structure


Fundraising and resource allocation


Public communications & alliances


Member / constituent / market needs


Existing and potential market demographics


Competitive pressures and positioning


Product mix, pricing and distribution channels


Marketing effectiveness

Each Growth Opportunities Assessment is fully customized to fit your particular organization. The end product is a written guide that provides you with an analysis of your current situation, options and succinct recommendations to position your organization to take advantage of future growth opportunities. A thorough analysis of this type is an excellent tool for stimulating thoughtful discussion during board or management planning sessions.



For more information on how a Growth Opportunities Assessment might be helpful for your organization, please contact Jeanne.