Many growing organizations promote staff from within to fill support positions that develop as a result of successful and continued growth. Staff who may not necessarily have all the required expertise at the time, but who can grow into their positions as the function expands.

Other organizations experience situations in which a seasoned staff member have a specific skills gap as a result of their position or organization becoming more sophisticated.

Rather than spending precious time and money on generic classes and workshops, you can engage the services of a seasoned marketing veteran to work along side your in-house marketing staff, mentoring them to quickly develop the specific skills they need to enhance.

Our services in this area cover the following skill areas:


Guidance on developing and implementing annual marketing plans which are aligned with your organization’s strategic and annual business plans and goals


Education and software tools on how to predict and measure the profitability results of advertising campaigns


Training on how to read and use comprehensive member survey data and MCIF reports in order to pinpoint marketing opportunities, recognize trends, and identify the best product enhancement and target market opportunities


Coaching on target marketing advertising techniques such as effective copywriting, graphics and economical production of printed materials aimed at specific market segments


Business development techniques, including SEG and community development, lead generation, calling on prospects, making sales and consumer presentations, and systematically following up to gain increased penetration and usage.

For more information on how we can quickly and affordably help you move your in-house marketing staff to the next level of professionalism, call Jeanne.