“You were the highest rated speaker of our event! Good job. We’ll definitely do this again.”
—Credit Union Association Education Director

“Your evaluations were excellent! It was clear that you had a good grasp of what participants needed to learn in this session. Thanks again for being a vital part of this conference! I think you will develop quite a following in our region.” —Non-profit Foundation Organizational Development Specialist

“Great speaker. Very thought-provoking and entertaining in her delivery—very effective” —Board Member, Convention Participant


As an expert in the areas of strategic planning, board development, marketing/ communications, and sustainable sales & service culture development for credit unions and other nonprofits, Jeanne Murphy Hamlin is pleased to be able to share her knowledge with audiences nationwide through her substantial seminars, breakout sessions and training programs.

A high-content, upbeat speaker, Jeanne has built her extensive reputation on delivering programs based on practical, proven principals that have been successfully used in the field during her 25-plus years of working with non-profit organizations in the United States. She’s easy to work with and down to earth. And each of her programs is customizable for your audience and program objectives.