Delivering quality service is vital to the success and survival of every credit union in this day of hyper-competitiveness. Essential for everyone who interacts with external or internal “customers”, this program gives 10 tips for providing extra-ordinary member care; key ideas for fostering an environment of internal care; building trust and rapport; and identifying and managing expectations for satisfying “customer” needs. Using stories from industry-leading companies, coupled with their own “customer” situations, lending and member contact employees gain skills for overcoming challenges and providing exceptional service in-person and over the phone. A growth strategist for organizations and individuals with over 20 years of CU experience, Jeanne offers inspiring, practical steps for creating and maintaining satisfied members.

These times of changing economic and social conditions call for new approaches to meeting members’ changing needs for financial services. Merely responding to member requests is the pathway to extinction. This program helps each employee in the organization to understand and embrace what they can do to gain more business from each member while making a positive difference in members’ and their own lives. A devoted CU member and growth strategist, Jeanne inspires participants to embrace a new paradigm for member sales and service.

You already have the most powerful tool anyone could desire to create the life or business you yearn for. It’s the power of choice. Uncover the true core of your desires; learn what’s holding you back; and gain the tools and courage to take steps which move you forward—while making a transformational difference in the world around you. Learn to stretch yourself while enhancing your decision-making skills, personal accountability, and ability to take risks. As a growth strategist for organizations and individuals, Jeanne shares the successful secrets for creating the life you want while making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

Re-awaken your team to what business they’re really in and how their inter-connectedness (with members and other staff) drive success today. Through interactive exercises, stories and examples, employees gain a new perspective on their role in gaining, keeping and developing member business. They discover six specific things they can do to make a significant difference every day and identify how their actions impact team goals. A consultant on organizational performance, Jeanne stimulates staff and management to take meaningful action in a team environment.

If helping members build wealth while satisfying their current financial needs, the credit bureau report provides you with one of the most powerful tools to be of service. Understanding how to read this report if only part of the equation. Using this information to make recommendations that save the member money while improving their financial situation is what extra-ordinary member service is all about. Learn to use this crucial report to help members accomplish their goals, cementing life-long relationships built on trust and care. For over 20 years, Jeanne has helped credit union employees deliver great member service through skill building, knowledge and new perspectives.

In today’s fast-paced electronic world, your best opportunity to build a long-term trusted partner relationship with members is when they first join. Are you up to the challenge? Or are you missing key opportunities? During this program, work through and develop a process that fits your personality for truly making the new member feel welcome and helping them to get the most out of your credit union. Heightening employee’s ability to be of service and make a difference in people’s lives has been Jeanne’s passion and profession for nearly 30 years.

With increasing financial illiteracy, personal bankruptcies, and predatory financial service providers, helping members find the best ways to manage their money is urgently important. Lenders and Member-Contact staff often have some of the best opportunities to do this by proactively working with each member. Learn how to identify service opportunities during the course of everyday interactions with your members. Ensure greater success by discovering how to align how you communicate with the way member’s make decisions. A credit union member advocate for over 20 years, Jeanne shares the essential steps needed to be successful in building life-long relationships with members.