What is the single biggest factor that motivates employees? Management. They are the link to employee successes and failures, championing the organization’s vision and guiding an employee’s performance. They can either perpetuate the “tingle factor” that keeps teams stretching to achieve results, or contribute to the “brain drain” that robs an organization of fulfilling its purpose. In fact, managers are also the biggest reason that both high- and low-performing employees leave an organization today.

To keep your highest performers and develop those who are average or below requires a systematic approach to management development. Managing for High Performance™ is a highly successful program that provides executive-level, middle management and supervisors with a systematic process for developing your organization’s greatest asset – your employees. This systematic approach not only provides management with the tools and skills required to nurture a winning team, but also aligns your entire organization to achieve your strategic vision and annual business plans.

Following the “work smarter, not harder” maxim, Managing for High Performance™ affordably includes all the components needed to produce maximum results for your specific organization. System components are customized to support each client’s goals within their existing or desired organizational culture.


Management Development—half-day training modules include: setting team and individual performance goals that are aligned with your annual business plan, coaching performance, running effective team meetings, and performance planning & evaluation (see below for more detailed descriptions of each module). Select the modules that are most appropriate to meet your management development needs.


On-The-Job Tools—written worksheets that enable managers to quickly define goals and action steps, track and assess performance, and plan for effective employee meetings.


Consulting Support on tracking, measuring and rewarding employee performance.

Advanced Coaching offered one-on-one to each manager to heighten their confidence and competence in their new skills.

Organizational Reporting Structure and Job Descriptions guidance to realign and update positions to support your overall long-term goals.

Follow-up CEO Coaching—monthly phone or on-site coaching consultation sessions for the first three months, followed by three consecutive quarters after the performance management training program. Designed to support the CEO in successfully ensuring the transition from current management processes to processes that align and unite the organization in achieving its goals.

Performance Management Boot Camp— Three- to five-day intensive program designed specifically for new managers who joined your organization after the initial Managing for High Performance training. This Boot Camp is offered periodically at our facilities in Minnesota, or can be delivered on-site at your organization’s location.

Move your organization toward a higher performance level today. To learn more about this systematic approach to enhancing organizational performance, or to request a proposal, contact Jeanne.

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