If your sales culture needs a boost or you’re tired of talking about Member Advocacy and want employees to put Advocacy into action to grow your credit union, there’s an effective, affordable solution now available to you!


Does your entire staff recognize when members are experiencing key life events that trigger changes in financial service needs?


Do they consistently and effectively take action on those opportunities?


Do their actions generate profitable business for your credit union while enhancing member satisfaction and loyalty?

If you have answered “no” to any of these questions, you’ll want to know more about Member Advocacy Pathways (MAP)™.

Not just another sales and service training program, MAP transcends traditional employee development programs by teaching staff to have powerful conversations with members grounded in advocacy—not just sales. The result is significantly increased product usage, member loyalty, staff satisfaction and a positive return on your training investment.

Find out more about how MAP can put your credit union on the fast track to stronger member relationships today!

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