Member Advocacy Pathways (MAP)™ is a comprehensive staff development program designed to give staff the tools and know-how to work with members in a way your competitors don’t. By taking the time to re-energize your sales culture and boost staff enthusiasm, your credit union can discover the “unfair” advantage you’ve been seeking!

High on the list of challenges credit unions face today are …


An expanded competitive landscape, including more consumer-focused banks and the proliferation of online financial services options


Shrinking profit margins due to increased rate competition and rising expenses


Decreased employee motivation and increased turnover driving down productivity and profitability


Fewer opportunities to build a personal relationship with members and reinforce a differentiated brand

Research shows that the more services a member has at a credit union, the more profitable his/her relationship is, and the better chance you have to retain that business. One of the best ways to increase the number of services per member is by training staff to effectively interact with members and inform them of the products you offer.


Don’t educate staff about the significant life events members face and the financial transformations each triggers, causing causes employees to miss critical cues for financial service opportunities


Train employees to become order takers armed with sales scripts that don’t engage members


Fail to teach employees how to really engage members with natural (yet investigative) conversation


Rely on rote memorization of information, which doesn’t encourage absorption and retention

MAP helps you move beyond these challenges by providing employees with the knowledge and tools to engage members in powerful conversations about their financial choices—solutions that lead the member toward increased financial stability, prosperity, and loyalty.


Experiential, interactive learning design makes it easy for staff to gain and retain keen insights about the financial impact of 12 major life events—even if they haven’t personally experienced them.


Events such as marriage, divorce, moving, retiring, digging out of debt, having a baby, being laid off, and more are explored in-depth, during which employees discover the financial solutions that support members in making wise financial decisions.


Ideal for employees who already have a basic level of product knowledge but need more guidance in being proactive with members.


Throughout the nine-module program, employees hone their skills at thinking “on their feet” and engaging members in natural, investigative conversation that leads to the member taking action. Read more about what staff say about MAP...


The result—member advocacy in action that contributes to the continued growth of your credit union.


Developed by Jeanne Murphy Hamlin, a nationally recognized credit union consultant with 25 years of industry experience and 30 years of successful training background


Flexible training options—on-site and off-site are available to suit your staffing and budget needs. Contact us for more details.


Training participants receive a quick-glance reference sheet for each Life Event.


Follow-up coaching tools included with the program to support supervisors and managers in reinforcing employee’s use of their Life Events knowledge and relationship-building skills.


Employees who complete all modules of the MAP training are recognized as a Member Advocate Professional, a designation they are proud to display and live up to every day.


Your internal trainers can be certified to facilitate the MAP training program within your credit union.


Additional consulting support in transitioning to or building a Member Advocacy Culture is available through Strategic Solutions.

A typical MAP-trained employee assisting members with just 12 additional average-size loans would generate $4,800 in additional revenue the first year alone.  That’s like earning $25 for every $1 you spend on training. Do the math for your credit union! Download ROI Calculator (Excel) or a ROI Worksheet (PDF). View a Sample ROI (PDF).

Begin to leverage lifelong relationships with your members by bringing MAP into your credit union today. Contact us for more information.

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