40 re-usable templates to help you plan and calculate profitability for any type of loan, deposit, transaction product or new member acquisition promotion
Six different “what-if” variables to tweak the parameters of a promotion prior to conducting it in order to generate the greatest profit (and best use of your time)
Concise one-page Profitability Report for your CEO, Senior Management Team and Board. Simply enter readily available data from your own credit union into a template and the software automatically calculates the results – within seconds!
    Automatic pop-up help screens take any guess-work out of what data to enter
Sample reports included for each type of promotion
Extensive Reference Manual provides you (or inquiring CFO’s) with detailed information regarding the formulas and calculations used in the software
    Software can be easily customized to your particular credit union’s financial calculating and reporting requirements
    Master Tracking Report provides an annual summary of your marketing effectiveness—especially helpful during budget request times
Unlimited telephone support—in case you have any questions with how to most effectively use this software within your credit union or for a particular promotion
30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee! After trying the software within 30 days of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied, simply call us for a return authorization and we’ll refund your purchase price. (ProfitMaker+Plus works on all Windows-based PCs that also have Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet software.)
    Software Licensing & Fees—For all the power, flexibility and speed of the software system described above, you pay a one-time license fee of $895 which entitles your credit union to install and use this system on as many computers within your credit union as you desire. It’s an incredible value! And an incredibly powerful tool!


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