“It’s one thing to think you’re successful; it’s more rewarding to know that you are! I admit it; I used to shoot from the hip and cross my fingers. With ProfitMaker, even right-brained marketers can show the numbers like a financial officer—it’s so-o-o easy.” —L. Galea, CUES Marketing Professional of the Year


ProfitMaker has revolutionized marketing at our credit union. We are now able to measure how effectively various promotions generate income compared to their cost. This allows us to allocate our budget with confidence. The quantifiable nature of ProfitMaker puts marketing results on par with accounting reports for precision and certainty. Our executive management has changed its perception of marketing from an expense to an income creator. This has resulted in increased autonomy to choose the direction and implementation of our entire marketing program. ProfitMaker is truly a breakthrough!” —D. VanCleave, Sr. VP Marketing, Postal ECU


“I got the lead (for your software) from our Federal Examiner who was impressed with the way (another credit union’s) marketing department managed their profitability analysis for promotions and advertising campaigns.” —T. Waters, VP Marketing, NCSC FCU


“ I finally have a tool which proves that what I do will be profitable.” —J. Miller, Transmission Builders FCU


ProfitMaker elevates your marketing campaigns and strategies to the next level. It provides you an opportunity to track and report your successes. It’s also a great way to determine how your marketing spending will affect your promotion BEFORE you implement your campaign. Every CEO and board wants to make sure their marketing dollars are providing a good return on investment. ProfitMaker ensures your ability to prove that marketing is an investment, not an expense.” —M. Arnold, Sr. VP, Neighborhood CU