Assuming that your organization is effectively using advertising and public relations strategies to maximize usage of your existing programs and services by your existing market, the continued growth of your organization can come from only two main places: by serving a broader range of your constituents’ and members’ needs through expanded program and service offerings, and by reaching out to provide your programs and services to a broader market. Each path comes with its own unique risks and opportunities. You can call on our substantial marketing expertise to help you determine which solution will best meet your organization’s growth needs while maintaining congruence with your mission and vision, and least possible risk exposure.

Should this analysis reveal that expanded program and service offerings is the best solution, we can put our 30 years of strategic marketing experience to work for you in the following ways:


Assess your current program / services mix to identify gaps and potential solutions which are compatible with your capabilities and desired growth direction


Identify the best target markets for the new program or service offering, including demographics, needs and how to reach the market(s)


Provide you with guidance on final program / service configuration, pricing / funding, and advertising strategies.

Please contact us to discuss your situation and review possible alternatives to how we may be able to assist you.