How effectively are your advertising dollars being spent? Is your advertising producing a profit return that’s worth the time and money you spent? Are you wanting to improve the value of your marketing efforts in your credit union and position your department to gain more financial backing and human resource support?

At the demand of our clients, after years of running a CU advertising agency and teaching clients the financial side of this business, Strategic Solutions has developed a time-saving software tool—ProfitMaker+Plus, to assist you with calculating and enhancing the profitability effectiveness of your advertising promotions.

Whether your are new to credit union marketing or a seasoned veteran, this software system quickly guides you through planning, projecting, and reporting on the return on investment for every type of promotion you conduct.

Even if you have no financial accounting experience what so ever, ProfitMaker+Plus gives you the necessary tools to develop promotions that deliver the highest profit return for the money you spend.

Once you conduct the promotion, you can then use this software to quickly and accurately calculate and report on the actual net profit that this promotion contributed to your credit union’s bottom line. Just like a CFO!


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