Commitment—Identifying the basis behind the cultural changes you want to make, how it is aligned with your credit union’s strategic direction, and what types of results it might create in the community you serve. Once these and other high-level questions have been addressed, usually through one or more planning meetings, we use a series of team processes to help you to gain commitment and buy-in for the changes from your entire staff and board.



Clear Expectations—Helping each employee and volunteer to clearly understand their role and what’s expected of them in the evolving member-centric culture is one of the greatest motivators and success indicators available in not-for-profit organizations today. Our processes include assessing both the internal and external member “touch points” in your credit union to identify where service can be enhanced and streamlined, reviewing and modifying position descriptions and performance appraisals, and helping you to establish a series of organizational, team and individual goals which are aligned with your annual and strategic business plans, and are appropriate for the stage of sales culture development you are in.



Skill Building—Experience has shown us that adults will not proactively discuss issues with members unless they feel very comfortable in their knowledge of the products and services that can benefit the members. We assist you with developing a comprehensive product knowledge training manual and testing. And we help you to implement it using an innovative approach to product knowledge training which is coupled with service and sales skills training. New attitudes and skills developed through this series of training sessions are further developed and reinforced using processes from our Managing for High Performance management development program.



Coaching—Building off the initial staff development, we provide you with proven tools and processes which support your management team in continuously encouraging and developing the desired behaviors in their employees. Management learns how to set appropriate goals at the team and individual employee level, give employees feedback in such a way as to motivate their staff, help employees begin to think strategically for themselves, and conduct performance appraisals that lock high performers into long-term commitments to your credit union.



Measurement—What gets measured gets accomplished! Facts speak clearly to people and employees respond favorably when they know they are being assessed on an objective, rather than subjective basis. We work with your credit union to identify and implement ways to measure desired behaviors and results in your sales and service culture, often using your existing technology resources.



Rewards & Recognition—Celebrating milestones and successes is critical to successfully transitioning to a new culture within your organization—as well as to sustaining it and continuously improving it into the future. Our experience with both tangible and intangible programs which can be implemented at the individual, team and organization-wide levels will help you to custom develop a recognition and rewards program which not only continuously motivates your staff, but is also regarded as being fair and appropriate.

If your credit union desires to implement a sales and service culture that is grounded in the philosophical purpose of helping members improve their financial well-being while strengthening your organization so that it can continue this worthy cause, we would be honored and delighted to work with you. Please give us a call.