“No one out-performs their own belief system.”

As part of our multi-level system for organizational performance improvement, Strategic Solutions offers a variety of staff development training programs, workshops and support tools. Geared toward new and seasoned credit union staff alike, these programs use interactive adult learning processes which encourage participants to embrace needed changes, successfully develop new skills, and effectively apply those new skills back on the job.







All staff development programs can be offered at your on-site location or at our facilities in MN. Jump-start your employee development progress by contacting us today to see how one or more of these programs will help you achieve your organizational goals.


Enhance your staff development investment by providing your managers with the necessary skills to monitor and reinforce desired behaviors in the workplace. Click here for more information about our highly acclaimed Managing for High Performance program.


Member Advocacy Pathways (MAP)™—Everyday, one of your members may be experiencing a major life event such as graduation, marriage, buying a home, changing jobs, having children, divorce or retirement. Events that trigger big changes in financial services needs. But so often, your employees haven’t personally experienced that same life event and therefore may overlook the telltale signs. It’s tough to help someone when you don’t understand what they’re going through! Using an interactive, hands-on learning approach, MAP provides staff with the tools and knowledge they need to help members make wise financial decisions during critical life events. Staff learn to think on-their-feet and engage members in powerful conversations that are grounded in advocacy, not just sales. The result—significant increases in member loyalty, product usage, and staff satisfaction. This program is available via your own Certified Internal Trainer or through selected CU Leagues. Get more info about MAP.


Excelling Through Internal Service™—Geared toward support function employees, this program focuses on how to successfully serve the “internal” customer. In addition to enhancing their service quality skills, participants identify who their internal customers are, what their needs and expectation standards are, and how to consistently deliver to meet or exceed those expectations.


Recognizing Opportunities Through the Credit Bureau Report—If helping members build wealth is one of your credit union’s objectives, the credit bureau report provides your staff with one of the best tools to be of service. Yet fewer than 25% of member contact employees know how to read this report, let alone use the information to make recommendations that save the member money. This short program teaches your staff how to use this valuable tool to help both members and the credit union accomplish their goals.


Welcoming the New Member—In today’s fast-paced electronic world, your best opportunity to build a long-term trusted partner relationship with members is when they join. Are your employees up to the challenge? Or are they missing key opportunities? This short program helps your staff work through and develop a process of their own that turns a one-service member into a lifetime multi-service relationship.


Product Knowledge Manual & Testing—Without knowing the facts about your products and services, it’s difficult at best for an employee to match member needs with the proper solutions, let alone discuss the benefits that are most important to the unique member before them. This online, customized manual provides a one-stop location for your employees to learn what they need to know to be successful in communicating with your members, including product features, benefits, and prospect characteristics. The testing module enables employees to direct their self-learning while providing managers with a useful performance management tool.


Performance Tracking & Measurement Systems—What gets measured gets accomplished. Strategic Solutions will work with your credit union to identify and set up a range of tracking and measurement processes to ensure that performance improves, goals are met, and employees are rewarded.