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Are your marketing efforts making you money or detracting from the bottom line? The most obvious answer may be misleading! This common sense program covers the basics of CU finance for marketers … from what the numbers are to what the numbers mean, with a little fun along the way! Learn to use financial information to align marketing activities to achieve the CU’s financial goals. Discover which marketing activity is best for a given situation (taking the marketing function well beyond a “promotional role”), understanding the financial impact of marketing decisions on the bottom line, applying asset / liability concepts and key ratio trends analysis to avoid time-wasting mistakes, calculating promotional profitability, and more. Use of the concepts presented in this program will ensure continuous funding for your marketing programs and greater credibility as a member of the management team. A former CU marketing director, Jeanne explains this sometimes complex topic in easy to understand language using many relevant, fun examples. (This program is available only in a half-day or full-day format.)

Is there a cure for lack-luster membership growth? Absolutely! Gaining new members through SEGs, mergers, community charters and your existing FOM is essential to your credit union’s growth. Learn proven strategies for identifying, recruiting, and penetrating the best potential members and groups; delivering a high-value proposition which ensures long-term business; setting up relationships that produce multiple account holders right away; low-cost marketing tactics. Bonus: gain insights into the five steps every decision maker goes through and why you must know these to succeed in any type of member recruiting today. A sales and marketing executive with 27 years experience, Jeanne covers essential strategies on gaining and penetrating new members.

Missing key growth opportunities? Spending more time or money than your CU needs to on marketing? During this fast-paced program, find out how to use the 6 key techniques of the P.E.P.P.E.R. formula to balance your marketing program and improve results. Learn how to evaluate the profitability of marketing efforts, use trending strategies to spot key growth opportunities, and align marketing strategies with the CU’s strategic and annual goals to achieve success! A former CU marketing executive and faculty member for CUES and CUNA national schools, Jeanne delivers common sense information that takes the mystery out of marketing.

Do your employees LOVE to sell? Are existing members regularly referring family and friends to your CU? Are key members at risk of being lured away by the competition? How many are already there? Are slim margins making it more difficult to compete on price while competitors are multiplying in your community? Having a sustainable service and sales culture in place is no longer an option—but a reality for business survival! From this program, you’ll learn about the six elements required in setting up—or revving up—a sustainable culture that takes service to a new level—delivering immediate payback, heightened member satisfaction and increased staff motivation. Having successfully developed her first credit union service and sales culture 22 years ago, Jeanne shares proven methods for creating sustainable, long-term results in your organizational culture.

No where is change more prevalent than with the needs and demands of today’s evolving financial consumers. And no where is there greater opportunity for gaining more business than from your existing membership. Being up to date with these changing consumer trends and member penetration strategies ensures marketing success! Learn how to uncover hidden market trends and market segments that will produce growth, along with ways to strategically combine advertising, technology, sales and HR tools to achieve your goals. A growth strategy expert with 25 years experience in management and marketing, Jeanne reveals concrete ways to gain more business from your members.

You already have the most powerful tool anyone could desire to create the life or business you yearn for. It’s the power of choice. Uncover the true core of your desires; learn what’s holding you back; and gain the tools and courage to take steps which move you forward—while making a transformational difference in the world around you. Learn to stretch yourself while enhancing your decision-making skills, personal accountability, and ability to take risks. As a growth strategist for organizations and individuals, Jeanne shares the successful secrets for creating the life you want while making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

The fast track for elevating your professionalism is to quantifiably evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing promotions—in terms your CEO and Board will appreciate. Learn how to develop a one-page report which says it all, including the net profit your promotion delivered to your CU’s bottom line and how many dollars of profit you earned for every dollar spent. Quickly discover which promotions are worth repeating, and which aren’t! A former CU marketing director with over 20 years of CU experience, Jeanne provides valuable information for enhancing marketing effectiveness.

The skills needed for successful business development efforts are significantly different than those needed for marketing. Learn the essential selling skills needed to convert leads into prospects and qualified prospects into new business partners. Find out how to align your selling process with your buyer’s decision-making process to increase your success rate. Discover how to use the most important tool used by professionals who consistently excel in sales, year after year. A sales and marketing executive for 27 years, Jeanne shares the critical process needed to be successful in selling to businesses today.

Looking to bump up penetration rates for key products? Create a wildly successful launch for a new product? Or gain more business from each of your members while solidifying their loyalty to your credit union? From this dynamic seminar, you’ll take back proven methods for using technology, data and creativity to identify and advertise to the best market for a given product; ideas on how to increase product awareness and usage through “soft” marketing approaches such as PR and educational events; the “know-how” to track and report the results of your promotional efforts. A growth strategy expert with 25 years experience in management and marketing, Jeanne reveals concrete ways to gain more business from your members.

If getting better results with less money and effort are hot on your to-do list, read on. It’s easy when you follow this ingenious 5-step process for developing your direct mail and email marketing materials. Inspiring readers to take action is the critical difference between getting the results you desire (and more funding) and being labeled a “cost center” in your CU. A CUES Golden Mirror Award winner, Jeanne presents practical strategies for increasing marketing results.

How do you increase the price on a commodity product ten-fold? Would you enjoy being the envy of your competitors by creating a competitive field of one that they can’t touch? What’s the REAL story behind branding and how it could make a significant difference in your credit union? Explore the four ways available to own a strategic market position, command better prices, add significant competitive value to your CU’s service offerings, and ensure that employees consistently communicate your differential to members during every encounter. A growth strategist with 27 years of sales and marketing expertise, Jeanne presents proven strategies for capturing market share.

Your credit union’s strategic and annual plans likely contain goals involving several key financial performance ratios. You’ll be a more valuable strategic decision-maker and management team member by understanding how your marketing efforts can impact these ratios (and vice versa). During this program, you’ll develop a working “CFO” knowledge of eight key ratios (including several that influence your CAMEL rating), understanding which marketing actions will help you achieve your CU’s goals. A former CU marketing director and association executive with over 20 years of CU experience, Jeanne translates accounting concepts into the language of marketing.

A funny thing happened on the way to the credit union. Your member detoured to their bank! The million-dollar question is WHY? What does it take to capture more of each member’s business? Where else are they doing their financial business and why? How can you prevent them from defecting from your credit union? Discover the three leading research methods that customer-centric companies use to answer these questions and more in order to cultivate lasting beneficial relationships. Learn how you too can successfully implement them in your credit union. A research and marketing expert with an extensive credit union background, Jeanne shares strategies for gaining and retaining more member business.

It’s no secret that various life events trigger changes in consumer’s needs. Yet many CU employees haven’t personally experienced the most frequent of these trigger events and therefore miss crucial opportunities to help members. Worse yet, staff’s lack of life experiences often prevents them from mentioning the benefits most meaningful to people in a particular life stage, resulting in time spent but no sale. Learn how to apply a pioneering new approach to staff development which marries key consumer life stages with classic selling fundamentals. The results have been swift and dramatic in CUs around the country! A sales and marketing executive with over 25 years of experience, Jeanne shares how leading credit unions are supporting employees in delivering exceptional member service.

So you’ve converted to a Community Charter and you’re ready for new business to start flooding through your doors. Now what? What are the best ways to capture potential members’ attention and, more importantly, their business without it costing a bazillion dollars? Learn tips and tactics for getting your CU noticed and capturing the business in a crowded competitive marketplace. Discover and work with the single most important technique for selecting the best media communications options and honing your message. Discuss the pros and cons for using member incentives to cultivate new business. Learn how to avoid the two biggest budget-busting mistakes in community marketing. Get ideas and best practices for selecting, participating in and evaluating both traditional and non-traditional community events. Considered one of the foremost business development experts in the CU industry, Jeanne presents practical approaches for breaking into new markets. (This program is available only in a half-day or full-day format.)