Finding the most strategic ways to grow your organization so as to achieve its full promise is our ultimate goal.


Do you desire to clarify the true essence and purpose of your organization and get everyone associated with it to move forward in one unified direction?


Looking for the best opportunities to grow your organization


Wrestling with thorny strategic issues that seem not to get resolved and therefore are holding you back?

By choosing Jeanne Murphy Hamlin to facilitate your next Strategic Planning Session, you’ll experience a dynamic planning process that successfully guides your organization in its future growth. You can expect …


Candid perspectives from an “outside” organizational growth expert


Fresh ideas for you to explore what’s desired and what’s possible, and


Total involvement to gain a significant contribution from each planning participant resulting in an organized, implementable plan

Our services entail a three-phase system to planning for growth: assessment, strategy, and execution. We start with thoroughly assessing your current situation to gain and present a clear, objective picture of your organization’s position and best opportunities for growth. From there, our facilitation processes use consensus building methodologies based on proven individual, team and group exercises.