“The focus and guidance you provided has proven invaluable. Your leadership and organization of the session forced us to make a much-needed decision on a strategic direction. In addition, the clear business plan you composed using board and management input enabled us to better understand the course of action we need to take to accomplish the organization’s goals. It is apparent that your experience of working with many unique organizations has helped us define our organization’s purpose and priorities.” —A. Kastner, Como Northtown Community CU

“Thank you, Jeanne, for being so pleasant to work with and for making us feel like we’re on the right track. Your expertise in planning has helped us to see where we can go and, more importantly, how we can get there. It was certainly a pleasure working with you and your summary is very well done—in language we can all understand. We could never have gotten this far without your guidance.” —A. Stroot, Mounted Eagles, Inc.


“Lots of good discussion was great! You try to bring everyone’s thoughts into the picture.” —Washington Community FCU


“Jeanne, thanks for the leadership to help us follow a decision process to make choices and set reasonable goals. Of course, as much fun as the planning session was, it was nothing compared to the dinner our table enjoyed with you!” —M. Serda, Director, Peoples CU


“Thanks again for the great job you did this weekend. I want you to know that I am looking forward to working with you on many more projects. You do an incredible job and really helped us get our priorities organized.” — C. Zeltvay, SOFCU Community CU


“In the short time you’ve been associated with National Education Centers, you’ve been able to capture the essence of our organization. I’m delighted … my compliments for a job well done.” —H. Goldstein, National Education Centers President


“The planning session made us think beyond our normal ways of thinking—it stretched our minds.” — St. Mary’s Parish CU


“When our credit union formed a steering committee to define our vision of the ‘TFCU of the future,’ Jeanne became an important part of the process. She helped us break down goals into actionable steps. She also conducted leadership training for the steering committee, a cross-section of management and staff employees. I was impressed with Jeanne's delivery and the variety of techniques used in her presentations. This training was essential as the steering committee had the task of communicating key concepts to the rest of our employees.” —J. Franzen, Teacher FCU