Our services entail a three-phase system to planning for growth: assessment, strategy, and execution. We start with thoroughly assessing your current situation to gain and present a clear, objective picture of your organization’s position and best opportunities for growth. From there, our facilitation processes use consensus building methodologies based on proven individual, team and group exercises. Facilitation is available for:


Purposeful Visioning & Planning which includes developing or clarifying your long-range desired vision, current values and mission. Key issue areas are developed and prioritized.


Annual Business Planning which includes developing specific written strategies and measurable goals that led to successfully implementing the mission and reaching the vision.


Tactical Planning which produces a written plan that fully outlines and documents detailed action steps, accountabilities and timelines associated with accomplishing the organization’s annual goals.

In conjunction with your planning processes, we are available to assist you with implementing a strategic management system which creates organizational alignment so that all teams and individuals throughout your organization support the plan and align their work and volunteer efforts accordingly. Management benefits from gaining appropriate systems to ensure effective plan implementation, accountability and monitoring of results.

The final outcome is experiencing results that take your organization to an entirely new level! Experience what can be today.

To discuss your next planning session or for more information on how we create a custom approach to planning for each of our clients, contact us.