Having addressed thousands of different audiences during the past 10 years of professional speaking, Jeanne is a versatile speaker with a variety of different programs. The programs listed below are examples of her most popular topics. Several of these can be delivered in a 60-minute to full-day format. Since her programs are generally customized for each audience and event, she is happy to combine segments of various programs or create a completely unique program for you within her various areas of expertise. Please call Jeanne direct for more information.


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If you’ve ever been with an organization where the strategic plan gathers dust on a shelf all year, then this program is for you! Find out how to develop a brilliant growth-oriented plan that is lived out every day by every person in your organization. Discover why many plans fail and how to prevent that with yours, an easy no-fail way to prioritize options while you’re planning and during implementation, three key steps to take after the plan is created to ensure activation and accountability throughout the organization, the one key benchmark for testing possible goals, strategies and action steps, and four essential things every successful plan includes. A strategic planner and former board member of several non-profit organizations, Jeanne shares practical ideas for getting long-lasting results from your planning process.

(Note: This program can also be geared toward creating successful annual business plans.)

Want to keep your top performers? Move average employees to a higher performance level? Build teamwork throughout the organization? Increase your own motivation? Succeed in achieving your organization’s goals? Learn to use four coaching steps that have the power to transform the performance of any person, the two most important times to coach, key ways to motivate (and de-motivate behavior), how listening, caring, and giving effective feedback can be your most powerful tools. An organizational development consultant and trainer, Jeanne boils 25 years of experience into a program that is easy to use back on the job.

You already have the most powerful tool anyone could desire to help you have the type of life or business you yearn for. It’s the power of choice. Uncover the true core of your desires; learn what’s holding you back; and gain the tools and courage to take steps which move you forward—while making a transformational difference in the world around you. Learn to stretch yourself while enhancing your decision-making skills, personal accountability, and ability to take risks. As a growth strategist for organizations and individuals, Jeanne shares the successful secrets for creating the life you want while making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

Meetings, meetings and more meetings! Our business world seems to revolve more and more around this maxim. Yet the results are startling poor, with attendees too often feeling that their time would be better spent elsewhere. Don’t drive away your best performers and volunteers. Learn the six characteristics of conducting effective meetings. Gain meeting preparation and management tips that cut meeting frequency in half while delivering desired results in less time. Find out how to stay on track and on time while encouraging participation and managing dysfunctional meeting behaviors. An organizational development specialist, Jeanne works with non-profits to increase their effectiveness and impact.

Our ability to improve the world we live in is only as great as our capacity to deliver. What’s the secret to unleashing this immense capability? How do you continue to grow and sustain your non-profit? What might be holding you back? Learn answers to these questions by participating in this two-part workshop. You’ll discover the stage of growth your organization is presently in and understand what to expect as you develop toward the next. Your team will complete an in-depth organizational assessment and use a hands-on process to determine where to direct your energy and resources. Because of the strategic organizational outcomes you can expect by attending this program, you’ll want to bring board members and key staff to both sessions. For more than 25 years, Jeanne Murphy Hamlin has been working with non-profits to help them achieve the purposeful growth they desire.

Missing key growth opportunities? Spending more time or money than you need to on marketing and public relations? During this fast-paced program, find out how to use the six key techniques of the PEPPER formula to balance your marketing program and improve results. Information covered includes advanced ways to integrate planning, product mix, pricing and promotional strategies, research, staff and consumer education, and results evaluation into your marketing program. A former marketing executive and advertising consultant, Jeanne adds a dose of fun to practical strategies for increasing marketing effectiveness.

In times where change is occurring quickly (both within an organization and in the overall economy), being able to communicate clearly and make decisions as a team is essential. This workshop focuses on building cohesion amongst your team to enhance their ability to identify opportunities and solve problems that benefit your organization. This includes increasing trust to gain more beneficial open-discussion and input, listening and asking questions to understand what the other person really needs or wants, and identifying “inter-connectedness” and “information-chain” situations to recognize how a team member’s performance impacts other team members and what information needs to be communicated to whom. An organizational development specialist, Jeanne works with non-profits to increase their effectiveness and impact.

Industry research links Board behaviors with organizational performance. Would your Board get high marks or is there room for improvement? Take this quick assessment to find out. Gain tips for working better as a team, using proactive performance management processes to motivate and guide your CEO, increasing participation during planning sessions, clarifying roles and expectations to avoid micro-management or apathy, and reviewing data that reveals the true health of your organization. A former Board member with 27 years of non-profit organizational experience, Jeanne presents valuable tips for enhancing Board effectiveness and satisfaction.

Whether we’re working with our Board, coaching employees, or looking for funding, we’re all “selling” something. Successful communications guarantee results. Discover the seven strategies used by the world’s best relationship builders. Learn the thought process all people go through and how to align the ways you communicate with others in order to make things happen while building long-term relationships. A marketing and communications executive for 25 years, Jeanne shares revealing insights for communicating better.

Re-discover what “business” you’re really in and how your inter-connectedness (with constituents, staff and volunteers) drives success today. Through interactive exercises, stories and examples, employees throughout your organization gain a new perspective on their role in delivering programs and creating lasting impact. They discover six specific things they can do to make a significant difference every day and identify how their actions impact team goals. This is an excellent team-building workshop for organizations experiencing cultural change. A consultant on building high performance in organizations, Jeanne stimulates staff and management to take meaningful action in a team environment.